Open tools

The Linkable Open Data Environment (LODE) is developed and implemented with open source tools whenever possible. The source codes used for LODE are released under an open source license.

GitHub repository

The source codes, scripts, and source files developed as part of the LODE initiative are hosted on the LODE GitHub page. This allows for development in an open space, in a version control environment, in which all users can contribute by suggesting improvements or cloning the entire project to their own space to experiment locally. Users who are interested in contributing to this ongoing initiative are encouraged to visit this public repository.

Open Tabulate

Version 1.0, released April, 2019.

This is a Python package (available on the Python Package Index) designed to organize, tabulate, and process structured data. OpenTabulate is released under the MIT license, and features:

  • automated data retrieval
  • a systematic way of organizing and retrieving data using sources files (inspired by OpenAddresses),
  • tabulation of data into a standardized CSV format that is suitable for merging and linkage,
  • various methods to process data, including address parsing, cleaning and reformatting.

To follow or contribute to development of OpenTabulate, see the OpenTabulate github.

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