Modgen (Model generator)

Modgen (Model generator) is a generic microsimulation programming language supporting the creation, maintenance and documentation of dynamic microsimulation models. Several types of models can be accommodated, be they continuous or discrete time, with interacting or non-interacting populations.

Furthermore, a model developer does not need to have advanced programming skills as a prerequisite to use Modgen. This is possible because Modgen hides underlying mechanisms like event queueing, and creates a stand-alone model executable program with a complete visual interface and detailed model documentation. Model developers can therefore concentrate on model specific code: the declaration of parameters, simulated actors, and events.

High efficiency coding also extends to a model's output. The programming of an output table only requires a couple of lines. Tabulation is done in continuous time and includes a mechanism for estimating the Monte Carlo variation for any cell of any table.

Getting started

Provides links to introductory material intended for both those who are new to microsimulation itself and those who are familiar with microsimulation but new to Modgen


Contains the essential software that needs to be downloaded to use Modgen--Modgen itself (to develop models) and Modgen Prerequisites (to run models). The BioBrowser application (for visualizing individual life courses) is also available here, as are two sample models, one with interacting populations and one with non-interacting populations.


Information on upcoming Modgen courses, as well as presentation material from several technical Modgen workshops delivered in 2008 (such as workshops related to building a model, distributing a model, documenting a model, etc.)

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