The documentation for the SPSD/M is necessarily extensive due to the complex nature of the database and model. The majority of the documentation is of a reference nature providing definitions of parameters and variables or descriptions of algorithms and programs. The documentation is written and organized in such a way as to provide the analyst first with a conceptual and functional understanding of the product and its use, and then where to find and how to use the detailed operational specifications included in the manuals. The documentation is consequently organized into fourteen separate guides and grouped into three volumes as follows:

Introduction Manual
Subject Description
Introduction and Overview Basic concepts and tutorial examples
How to Run the SPSM Description of the operation of the SPSM
Addendum Modifications since the last version
How to Use SPSD/M Help Information relating to the use of the on-line help facility
SPSD/M User's Manual
Subject Description
Commodity Tax User's Guide Description and utilization of the commodity tax (COMTAX) Input/Output model
SPSM User's Guide Reference manual for black-box use
X-tab User's Guide Reference manual and tutorial
SPSM Programmer's Guide Reference manual for glass-box use
Growth and Validation Guide Reference for Aging and Benchmarking SPSD/M
Tools User's Guide How to use various included software aids
SPSD/M Reference Manual
Subject Description
Algorithm Guide Description of the tax/social programs and their specific implementation in the SPSM
Parameter Guide Detailed descriptions of all parameters
Variable Guide Detailed description of all variables
Database Creation Guide Detailed description of the creation and contents of the database
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