How data are used

Statistical information is used to:

  • analyze economic performance
  • develop fiscal, monetary, and foreign exchange policies
  • shape international tariffs and trade negotiations
  • develop policies and programs to assist small businesses
  • support policy development and evaluate government programs on economic and social well-being
  • improve allocation of government program funding by determining their social and economic effects
  • support the regulatory and legislative requirements of government;
  • draw electoral boundaries
  • determine equalization payments and other federal-provincial fiscal transfers
  • adjust inflation-indexed contracts and entitlements
  • develop programs to promote domestic and international competitiveness
  • support immigration policies and programs
  • support tourism strategies and programs
  • assess the cost-effectiveness of health care and education programs
  • monitor the justice system's effectiveness and efficiency
  • select sites for schools and public transportation
  • develop programs such as day care and subsidized housing.
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