Video: Census: Partners using our data

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Census: Partners using our data - Video transcript

(The Statistics Canada symbol and Canada wordmark appear on screen with the title: "Census: Partners using our data")

Census 2021 will be a valuable source of data.

The census is a foundation for understanding Canadians.

In todays world, having accurate, comprehensive information is vital to business success.

Canada's greatest resource is our people.

Businesses rely on good data to help us understand those people.

With this information, we're able to map where jobs cluster, in industries like manufacturing, warehousing, financial services, and where talent lives across the region.

Because of the breadth of the census, we'll be able to better understand what's happening not just in Canada as a whole, but also from region to region, and from one group to another.

Businesses are in the business of knowing their customer, and the census makes that possible.

We'll use the new census data to explore Canada's future talent and industry needs.

My team combines the census with real time data to draw out valuable insights that support evidence based policy making.

So many of the indicators that we use and hear about everyday depend on the census to translate surveys into information that better reflects the Canadian population.

The census is my go to source for standardized, place based data.

The 2021 census results will be incredibly important.

With the census, you get a lot of information about where people start, and where they end up.

It allows us to not just help the people, but to help Canada.

(The words "Your census, your stories: Canada's portrait." appear onscreen.)