Data in a changing world

Release date: June 28, 2019

Data in a changing world - Transcript

(The Statistics Canada symbol and Canada wordmark appear on screen with the title: "Data in a changing world")

Technology is transforming the world right before our eyes. It has changed everything, from how we communicate to how we travel, study, work, shop, and play.

As technology has evolved, so has Statistics Canada. Take the Consumer Price Index, or CPI, which tracks the changing cost of items over time to better understand the real cost of living. Imagine a shopping basket. Fill the basket with things that you and other people in Canada might buy. In the 70's and 80's, the CPI basket included the price of a record player or eight-track. Today, the basket includes items such as smartphones and streaming services.

A few short years ago, these technologies didn't exist, and there was no such thing as ride-sharing or crowdfunding. Today, they are common. Can you imagine what will be available 10 years from now? The ways that people interact and communicate with one another have changed, and we've changed too, using new methods to provide you with the information that matters.

To keep up with a world moving faster than ever, we have turned to administrative data. Admin data allows us fill in the gaps that surveys sometimes miss. It automates and speeds up collection, and offers a much clearer picture of how Canadians are adapting to a changing world. Even better, it reduces both the burden on respondents and the possibility of receiving duplicate surveys.

Admin data allows Statistics Canada to assess the impact of a changing world on specific populations across Canada at the level of detail required in today's increasingly complex society and economy. Facts from a trusted source are vital in making decisions that impact us all. Detailed, robust and timely indicators such as the CPI matter to you and me. These indicators help to calculate pensions, to decide whether it's the right time to purchase a home or to open a business, and to determine the appropriate wage rate for a region.

Know that Statistics Canada is committed to using data responsibly. Your personal information has always been — and will always be — protected. It cannot be released under any law. To anyone. No exceptions. It is a privilege to collaborate with Canadians like you, who've contributed so much to make us who we are today.

We are proud to be our nation's trusted source of information, helping Canada make good decisions each and every day.

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