Video - Diversity at the Heart of Statistics Canada

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Diversity at the Heart of Statistics Canada - Video transcript

Statistics Canada symbol and Canada word mark appear on screen with the title: Diversity at the Heart of Statistics Canada

The sentence: (Statistics Canada supports, encourages and promotes diversity in the workplace.) appears on screen.

Li Xue: Hi, I’m Li Xue.

Alexandra Bassa: My name is Alexandra Bassa.

Stephanie Kootoo Chiarello: My name is Stephanie.

Angela Yuan Wu: My name is Angela Yuan.

Melanie Al-Switi: My name is Melanie Al-Switi.

Franklin Assoumou Ndong: My name is Franklin Assoumou Ndong.

Ying Di: My name is Ying Di.

Lie Xue: Working at Statistics Canada as director of Social Analysis and Modeling in the National Capital region.

Alexandra Bassa: And I’m a Communications officer at Stats Can in Ottawa.

Stephanie Kootoo Chiarello: I’m the Indigenous Liaison Advisor for Inuit Nunangat at Statistics Canada.

Li Xue: Currently I am working in the International Accounts and Trade Division as an economist. I’m working on Canadian exports and imports projects.

Melanie Al-Switi: I’m proud to say that I am a Communications officer with the Social Media and Events team here in the National Capital Region.

Franklin Assoumou Ndong: I’m Chief of Statistical Standards at Statistics Canada where I have been working since 2006.

Angela Yuan: Currently, I’m the Chief of the Globalization Measures section at the International Accounts and Trade Division.

Lie Xue: I’m leading a group of analysts to provide relevant information insights on various social economic issues, including immigration, labour market trends, education and skills. As an immigrant myself, I am so proud of what my team and I are doing.

Ying Di: I appreciate my organization can recognize my Chinese background.

Franklin Assoumou Ndong: I believe diversity and inclusion are really key fundamentals that have drive, innovation, better performance as well as better public services for all Canadians.

Canada wordmark appears on screen.