StatCan Surveys: There's Power in Numbers

Release date: January 29, 2019

StatCan Surveys: There's Power in Numbers - Transcript

(The Statistics Canada symbol and Canada wordmark appear on screen with the title StatCan Surveys: There's Power in Numbers.)

(Three young adults walk on screen with a cityscape in the background. A young woman pops in and points her finger at herself.)

Statistics Canada needs you to complete surveys - for you!

(The word "Why?" appears on screen.)


The information you provide can help you make sound decisions about your future that are based on reliable data.

(The words "How do StatCan surveys help you?" appear on screen.)

How do StatCan surveys help you?

(Numbers cover the screen. They dissolve and the words "There's Power in Numbers" take their place.)

Solid data is based on real numbers. And there's power in numbers.

(A city park appears on screen. A young man is taking selfies. Two young women appear on screen looking at their phone and tablet. Close-ups of their screens show a chart with a walking person, train and car on one and a pie chart with different types of housing on the other.)

(All three screens appear in a circle above people's heads. The women's screens show a newspaper page and the man's screen shows a selfie.)

(The screens change to show the words "Accurate and Relevant".)

(The young woman from the opening scene appears on a park bench and we see the Statistics Canada logo on her laptop screen.)

We know young Canadians are on the Internet every day. We know because you told StatCan in a survey.

But is what you're seeing online truly accurate? If you don't know, how can you make the best decisions?

StatCan information is accurate and relevant to you. Because of data that you provide through surveys.

(The words "How can you use that data?" appear on screen.)

How can you use that data?

(The young man that was taking selfies is back on screen, walking and wearing a backpack. The word "Travel" is above him.)

(The background changes to a silhouette of the map of Canada with mountains, pine trees, city buildings and an inukshuk.)

Maybe you like to travel. StatCan survey results can tell you where Canadians travel, both here in Canada and abroad, and what they like to do when they get there. Knowing this could help you plan your next trip.

(The young man and the images on the map disappear, the map rotates and houses pop up on it. The word "Housing" appears above the map. A circle with a pie chart in it appears with a dotted line drawn to one of the houses. It disappears and apartment buildings pop up on the map.)

Or maybe you want to know where in Canada you can afford to buy a home based on the salary you can expect to make in your preferred profession. You can use StatCan data to find out where most people are able to own a house. Or you can find out what the average rents are in the cities you're looking to settle in.

(The camera zooms in to one of the apartment windows and we see the young woman at a desk looking at her laptop. The camera zooms in to her screen and we see three young adults holding placards that say "Engage" "Vote" and "Yes".)

(The camera zooms out to show the young woman at the desk holding her phone with the words "learn more" and a checkbox on the screen.)

(The words "Civic Engagement" appear on screen.)

(The young woman touches the box on her screen and a checkmark appears.)

Your survey participation helps others too.

Some people think that millennials don't care about politics, but surveys filled out by people like you tell us you do care, you just care differently than people older than you. Knowing this helps community leaders to communicate with you in a way that's meaningful to you.

(Scene changes to a room with a brick wall and a window with a city view outside. Silhouettes of young adults pop up on screen. A young man that is not a silhouette appears on screen, opens his arms wide and smiles.)

And when you are asked to complete a survey, it's because you have been randomly selected to represent hundreds of individuals. You can't be replaced!

(Many dialogue bubbles with the word "Yes!" in them appear on screen.)

So when StatCan asks you to complete a survey, say yes!

(The screen turns white and the StatCan website address appears. The Canada wordmark appears on a black screen.)

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