Video - Statistics Canada: 100 Years and Counting - Gustave Goldmann

Release date: November 5, 2019

Statistics Canada: 100 Years and Counting - Gustave Goldmann - Video transcript

(The Statistics Canada symbol and Canada wordmark appear on screen with the title: "Statistics Canada: 100 Years and Counting - Gustave Goldmann")

(The question "How would you describe the importance of Statistics Canada data to your work?" appears on screen.)

Gustave: It's essential to my work. Both in terms of the research that I conduct, and in terms of the teaching that I do. I try to make sure that my students are ready to understand analysis, and to conduct analysis, and I insist that they do analysis on policy relevant issues, and Statistics Canada data is the primary source for them to use.

(The question "How do statistics help Canadians in their day-to-day decisions?" appears on screen.)

Gustave: That is not an easy question to answer in a simple phrase. Statistics Canada data are the foundation on which many policies, many programs are established in Canada, and in terms of public policy, for development of the policy, evaluation, assessment, we need these data because they form a foundation, they form a denominator for a lot of the equations that we use to assess how well we are doing.

(Canada wordmark appears.)

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