Spotlight on Debt and Wealth for Canadian families (11220002)

Understanding the health of household finances is a complex issue that generates considerable discussion. A new research series at Statistics Canada is contributing to this discussion by examining differences in indebtedness and wealth among higher and lower income families and in different areas of the country. Using data from the Survey of Financial Security (SFS), the analysis looks at the evolution of debt and wealth from 1999 to 2016, highlighting major differences in housing equity and growing disparities in financial outcomes.

This webinar examines the following issues:

  • Are families living in major metropolitan areas wealthier? To what extent do families living in cities with higher housing prices carry more debt?
  • Are millennials more indebted than previous generations of young Canadians?
  • Are Canadian seniors more likely to carry mortgage and consumer debt than before? How much more debt are they carrying?
  • How have wealth and debt evolved among immigrant families? And how does this differ from Canadian-born families?

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