2021 Census Webinar Series: Language (17220004)

On August 17, 2022, Statistics Canada will be releasing the fourth set of results from the 2021 Census of Population.

This release presents a portrait of linguistic diversity in Canada, from the knowledge of official languages to languages spoken at home.

The census webinar will provide you with an overview of key results, including:

  • Concepts and definitions related to various aspects of language diversity;
  • Results, how to access data products and resources online and more.

Following the presentation, Statistics Canada officials will be available to answer questions.

Webinar video

What is the 2021 Census of Population Webinar Series?

The 2021 Census of Population Webinar Series is based on our most recent census, held on May 11, 2021. The census provides a detailed and comprehensive statistical portrait of Canada that is vital to our country. The webinars will be presented after the major data releases scheduled between February 9 and November 30, 2022 and will share information on concepts, data products, and resources available from the 2021 Census.

Stay tuned for webinars on demography, families, Canadian military experience, income, linguistic diversity, indigenous peoples, housing, ethnocultural and religious diversity, immigration and mobility, education, labour and more.

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