The Importance of Data Quality (19220009)

Join us as Statistics Canada’s Quality Secretariat will give a presentation on the importance of data quality. We are living in an exciting time for data: sources are more abundant, they are being generated in innovative ways, and they are available quicker than ever. However, a data source is not only worthless if it does not meet basic quality standards – it can be misleading, and worse than having no data at all!

Statistics Canada's Quality Secretariat has a mandate to promote good quality practices within the agency, across the Government of Canada, and internationally. For quality to truly be present, it must be incorporated into each process (from design to analysis) and into the product itself – whether that product is a microdata file or estimates derived from it.

We will address why data quality is important and how one can evaluate it in practice. We will cover some basic concepts in data quality (quality assurance vs. control, metadata, etc.), and present data quality as a multidimensional concept. Finally, we will show data quality in action by evaluating a data source together. All data quality literacy levels are welcome. After all, everybody plays a part in quality!

English webinar

French webinar

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