An Overview of the Farm Management Survey 2021 (32220003)

The Farm Management Survey (FMS) is a unique source of data covering agricultural management practices and their impact on the environment. This presentation will:

  • Highlight results from the 2021 cycle of the FMS published on December 14th, 2022;
  • Describe how these data are collected;
  • Provide instructions on how to access data from the FMS.

The Farm Management Survey is held every 5 years as a follow up to the Census of Agriculture. The target population includes 7 different types of farms in Canada: dairy, beef, pork, poultry, field crops (such as wheat, corn, and soybeans), forage crops (such as hay and silage) and vegetable, fruit, berry, and nut crops farms. For each of these types of farms, the FMS covers multiple subjects related to the environmental impact of agriculture, such as: type of feed given to livestock, cattle housing management, manure storage and application, wetland management, crop fertilizer application, land management practices (tillage, pesticide use, soil erosion prevention, etc.), innovation on farm, use of new technologies, and many others.

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