Monthly Survey of Manufacturing: National Weighted Rates by Source and Characteristic - May 2021

Text Table 2: National Weighted Rates by Source and Characteristic, May 2021
Table summary
The information is grouped by Sales of goods manufactured, Raw materials and components, Goods / work in process, Finished goods manufactured, Unfilled Orders, Capacity utilization rates (appearing as row headers), and Data source as the first row of column headers, then Response or edited, and Imputed as the second row of column headers, calculated by percentage.
  Data source
Response or edited Imputed
Sales of goods manufactured 86.6 13.4
Raw materials and components 77.1 22.9
Goods / work in process 81.2 18.8
Finished goods manufactured 74.7 25.3
Unfilled Orders 90.4 9.6
Capacity utilization rates 66.0 34.0