Table 1 : Industry Weights at 1997 prices for MEPI

Table 1 : Industry Weights at 1997 prices for MEPI
Table summary
This table displays the results of Table 1 : Industry Weights at 1997 prices for MEPI Weights (at 1997 prices) (appearing as column headers).
  Weights (at 1997 prices)
Total machinery and equipment (v41232130) 100.00
Total machinery and equipment; Domestic (v41232131) 32.03
Total machinery and equipment; Imported (v41232132) 67.97
Crop and animal production (v41232133) 4.07
Forestry and logging (v41232136) 0.27
Fishing, hunting and trapping (v41232139) 0.08
Support activities for agriculture and forestry (v41232142) 0.10
Mines, quarries and oil wells (v41232145) 4.26
Oil and gas extraction (v41232148) 1.53
Metal ore mining (v41232151) 0.83
Coal, non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying (v41232154) 0.62
Support activities for mining and oil and gas extraction (v41232157) 1.28
Utilities (v41232160) 3.55
Construction (v41232163) 3.54
All manufacturing (v41232166) 22.34
Food and beverages (v41232169) 1.89
Food manufacturing (v41232172) 1.50
Beverage manufacturing (v41232175) 0.39
Tobacco manufacturing (v41232178) 0.12
Textile and textile product mills (v41232181) 0.42
Clothing manufacturing (v41232184) 0.15
Leather and allied product manufacturing (v41232187) 0.03
Wood product manufacturing (v41232190) 1.52
Paper manufacturing (v41232193) 3.09
Printing and related support activities (v41232196) 0.42
Petroleum and coal products manufacturing (v41232199) 0.38
Chemical manufacturing (v41232202) 1.62
Plastic and rubber products manufacturing (v41232205) 1.09
Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing (v41232208) 0.56
Primary metal and fabricated metal product manufacturing (v41232211) 3.46
Machinery manufacturing (v41232214) 0.90
Computer, electronic and electrical product manufacturing (v41232217) 1.19
Transportation equipment manufacturing (v41232220) 5.08
Furniture and related product manufacturing (v41232223) 0.26
Miscellaneous manufacturing (v41232226) 0.16
Trade (v41232229) 8.38
Wholesale trade (v41232232) 4.32
Retail trade (v41232235) 4.06
Transportation (excluding pipeline transportation) (v41232238) 7.66
Pipeline transportation (v41232241) 1.18
Warehousing and storage (v41232244) 0.26
Finance, insurance and real estate (v41232247) 19.90
Finance and insurance (v41232250) 14.29
Real estate and rental and leasing services (v41232253) 5.61
Private education services (v41232256) 0.12
Education services (excluding private), health care and social assistance (v41232259) 2.09
Universities (v41232262) 0.70
Health care (excluding hospitals) and social assistance (v41232265) 0.35
Hospitals (v41232268) 1.04
Other services (excluding public administration) (v41232271) 16.39
Information and cultural industries (v41232274) 8.04
Professional, scientific and technical services (v41232277) 3.42
Management of companies and enterprises (v41232280) 0.34
Administrative and support and waste management (v41232283) 1.24
Public education services (v41232286) 0.71
Arts, entertainment and recreation (v41232289) 0.51
Accommodation and food services (v41232292) 0.62
Other services (v41232295) 1.51
Public administration (v41232298) 5.81
Federal government public administration (v41232301) 3.07
Provincial and territorial public administration (v41232304) 1.32
Local, municipal and regional public administration (v41232307) 1.42