Table 2: Commodity code classification for MEPI

Table 2: Commodity code classification for MEPI
Table summary
This table displays the results of Table 2: Commodity code classification for MEPI Input-Output W-Level (appearing as column headers).
  Input-Output W-Level
Office furniture (v41232346) 2050
Commercial and institutional furniture (v41232349) 2069
Metal tanks (v41232355) 2730
Tool accessories (v41232379) 2962
Crawler tractors (v41232415) 31493
Other agricultural machinery (v41232418) 3150
Mechanical power transmission equipment (v41232421) 3162
Pumps, compressors, fans and blowers (v41232424) 3170
Conveyors, elevators and hoisting machinery (v41232427) 3180
Industrial trucks and material handling equipment (v41232430) 3190
Fans and air circulation units, not industrial (v41232433) 3200
Packaging and bottling machinery (v41232436) 3211
Other general purpose machinery (v41232442) 3213
Industrial furnaces, kilns and ovens (v41232445) 3220
Construction machinery (v41232448) 32311
Mining and oil and gas field machinery (v41232451) 32312
Metal working machinery (v41232457) 3233
Other industry specific machinery (v41232460) 3234
Service industry machinery (v41232463) 3235
Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, commercial and transport (v41232469) 3262
Computers and peripherals equipment such as terminals, printers and storage devices (v41232478) 3291
Automobiles, excluding passenger vans (v41232493) 33401
Passenger vans (v41232496) 33402
Trucks, road tractors and chassis (v41232499) 3350
Buses and chassis (v41232502) 3360
Commercial trailers and semi-trailers (v41232514) 3392
Broadcasting and radio communications equipment (v41232559) 3599
Welding machinery and equipment (v41232565) 3650
Power generation and marine propellers, non-electric (v41232568) 3661
Industrial electric equipment, including safety (v41232577) 3689
Laboratory and scientific instruments and flight simulators (v41232589) 4989
Measuring and controlling instruments (v41232592) 4999
Software products development (v41232625) 5751
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