Building and demolition permits - Self coding guide

The following list of codes relates to “Section A: Major Construction Projects” of the questionnaire, more specifically column 6 “Type of Building Code” and column 7 “Type of Work Code”.

Use of codes will reduce the time required to complete the questionnaire as illustrated in the following examples:

Example 1: A permit issued for an addition, valued at $75,000, to a single family dwelling.

Example 2:  A permit issued for the construction of a building containing 100 apartments (condominium type) valued at $7,500,000 and a retail store valued at $5,000,000.

Example Building Permit
Table summary
This table displays the results of Example Building Permit. The information is grouped by Example (appearing as row headers), 6
Type of building code, 7
Type of work code, 8
Value of construction and 9
Dwelling units (appearing as column headers).
Example 6
Type of building code
Type of work code
Value of construction
Dwelling units
1 110 3 75,000 0
2 315 1 7,500,000 100
  510 1 5,000,000  

Column 6 - Type of building codes

Indicate the code corresponding to the type of building for which the permit is issued. Generally, the intended use or uses of the structure would indicate the type of building.

Residential building codes

110 Single House, single detached home, bungalow, linked home (linked at the foundation), single family dwelling
115 Single House - Condominium
130 Mobile home
150 Seasonal Dwelling (unsuitable for year-round occupancy); cottage, summer home, house boat
210 Semi-Detached or Double (side by side), single-attached home
215 Semi-Detached or Double (side by side) - Condominium
310 Apartment, apartment building, duplex, triplex, quadruple
315 Apartment - Condominium
330 Row House, garden home, town house, carriage home, quadrex
335 Row House - Condominium

Non-residential building codes

410 Primary industry building; farm building, hunting and fishing camp, forestry service, experimental farm, community farm, animal hospital, greenhouse, fish hatchery
420 Mining building
430 Plant for manufacturing, processing and assembling goods; factory, plant, mill, bakery, cannery,  printing plant
440 Transportation terminal; bus and truck terminal, airport, railway station
450 Maintenance building; hangar, repair shop, accessory building, railway shed, aircraft hangars
460 Storage building; warehouse (for storage purposes only), industrial mall, grain elevator, locker rental, silo, quonset, refrigerated storage terminal
470 Communication building; post office, mail sorting plant, radio station, broadcasting studio, telephone exchange building, motion picture studio
480 Utility building; hydro control building, oil refinery building, water filtration building, sewage treatment building, natural gaz processing plants, pollution abatement and control, waste disposal facilities, incinerator, sorting factory
490 Engineering; parking garage, tunnel, dock
510 Retail and wholesale outlets; retail outlet, department store, photographic studio, rental service, beauty salon, hairdressing salon, lumber yard, dry cleaner, laundromat
512 Retail complex; plaza, mall, shopping center, store/office building
520 Office building; consultant’s office, doctor’s office, insurance company, bank, taxi stand, office/cafeteria, office/smoke shop
522 Office complex; office/store, office/apartment
530 Hotel, hotel/motel, motor hotel
532 Motel, cabin
534 Other accommodation; student’s residence, boarding house, religious residence, hostel, dormitory
536  Convention center, exhibition building
540 Restaurant, bar, tavern, night club, diner, donut shop
550 Theatre and performing art center; movie theatre, concert hall, opera house, cultural center
560 Indoor recreational building; sports complex, tennis court and squash, community center, arena, curling club, swimming pool
562 Outdoor recreational building; country club, golf club campground facilities, outdoor skating rink, outdoor swimming pool
570 Motor vehicle show room (new and used); car dealership, used car, motorcycle and tractor sale
572 Service station, repair garage and specialty shop; gasoline station, service station/car wash, muffler shop, transmission shop, service station/garage
580 Laboratory and research center; medical research center, industrial laboratory, observatory
590 Special building use; funeral director, crematorium, mausoleum
610 Government legislative and administration building other than office building; city hall, court of justice, embassy, parliament and senate building
612 Other government building; police station, prison, fire station, military building
620 Elementary school, kindergarten
622 Secondary school, high school, junior high school
624 Post-secondary institution; technical institute, trade school
626 University
630 Library, museum, art gallery, aquarium, botanical garden, archive building, scientific center
640 Hospital; general, military, specialized
642 Clinic, health unit; out-patient clinic, first aid station
650 Day care, nursing home, rest home, home for the blind, charitable home, detoxication center
660 Religious building; church, cathedral, temple, citadel, synagogue

Column7 - Type of work codes

Indicate the code corresponding to the type of work for which the permit is issued. For definitions of the most frequent types of work see the Building and demolition permits Reporting Guide.

1-  Codes 07, 08, 09, 14 and 15 must always be used with residential building codes
2-  Dwellings are created by conversion of existing structure (codes 07, 08, 09) while dwelling units are lost (codes 10 and 11) by deconversion

01 New construction
02 Addition to existing building (structural extension) for non-residential only
03 Alteration and improvements
04 Foundation
05 Superstructure or part of new building
06 Mechanical
07 Conversion from single to multiple dwelling
08 Conversion from multiple to multiple dwelling
09 Conversion from non-residential to residential building
10 Deconversion from single to non-residential building
11 Deconversion from multiple to multiple or single dwelling or non-residential building
12 Installation of a pre-fabricated building
13 Additional value to previous permit(s)
14 Swimming pool
15 Garage and carport

Note:   If you require assistance in the coding of building permits, please contact Statistics Canada at 1-888-404-3339.

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