An important message to all Respondents - 2022

Canadian Industry Partnership for Energy Conservation (CIPEC)
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An important message to all respondents

On behalf of the Canadian Industry Partnership for Energy Conservation (CIPEC), I would like to thank you for responding to the 2022 Industrial Consumption of Energy (ICE) survey.

Energy efficiency plays a key role in Canada's efforts to reduce energy use and GHG emissions, while strengthening competitiveness and maximizing profits. Your participation in the ICE survey enables us to track industry's progress and help meet Canada's Pan-Canadian Framework objectives of clean growth and a low carbon economy. Specifically, the ICE data is used to help build the business case for funding and program renewals, monitoring sector progress and celebrating industry's energy achievements.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) currently supports industrial organizations in improving their energy performance through program activities such as:

  • Energy management frameworks and cost-shared financial assistance;
  • Tools, guides and technical information; and
  • National and international networks.

In fact, as noted in the Government of Canada Budget 2022, the federal government proposed to provide $194 million over five years to NRCan to expand our current Industrial Energy Management Program. This could include support for ISO 50001 certification, energy managers, cohort-based training, audits, and energy efficiency-focused retrofits for key small-to-moderate projects that fill a gap in the federal suite of industrial programming.

We are currently designing the program with preliminary discussions with key stakeholders and anticipate providing more details on programming later this year.

NRCan also administers the ENERGY STAR for Industry program, which offers the ENERGY STAR Challenge to help reduce facility energy intensity by 10% within 5 years, and tools to measure, track and benchmark energy to reduce waste and save money for companies eligible through ENERGY STAR Certification.

NRCan and CIPEC can help you produce results and save costs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your organization in improving your energy performance.

Thank you again for your participation.


Andy Mahut
Chief Executive Officer
Advanced Materials and Propulsion Engineering and Research Inc. (AMPERe Inc.)
Chair, CIPEC Executive Board

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