Canadian Community Health Survey – Erratum

Date: September 2010

To: Data Users of the Canadian Community Health Survey data, Cycle 2.2 (Nutrition)

Subject: Erratum – CCHS, Cycle 2.2

Product(s) affected: HS file, HS_SIDE file, FRL file and CFG file

Cycle(s) affected: Cycle 2.2 (Nutrition)

Description of the problem(s):

HS and HS_SIDE file: Respondents to the CCHS 2.2 were asked for their permission to link to administrative data after both the first and second dietary recalls. In order for data to be linked, the respondent had to give permission to link both recalls. The HS file contains SAMDDLNK (permission to link first recall) and SAMDDLK2 (permission to link second recall). These two variables have been revised so that cases where the respondent agreed to link one recall but not the other are classified as non-linkers for both variables. This means that the frequency counts of both SAMDDLNK and SAMDDLK2 will be lower than in the Wave 3 file.

FRL file: In the initial release of the detailed food data, there was a large number of missing sugar values. Because of the large amount of missing values for sugar, if a recipe contained an ingredient with a missing sugar value, the sugar value for the recipe was coded as missing. The Wave 3 release updated most of the missing sugar values. However, the FRL file was not updated and many of the missing ingredients still had missing sugar values. These sugar values have been updated. In addition, the treatment of missing sugar values for recipes with at least one missing sugar value for an ingredient has been made consistent with other nutrients. As with other nutrients, if a sugar value for an individual ingredient in a recipe is missing, there will be a sugar value for the recipe. The sugar values in the HS and FID files are not affected.

CFG file: Updates to the CCHS 2.2 data, which were reflected in the Wave 3 data files, also resulted in changes to the Canada Food Guide groups for a very small number of reported food items. However, the CFG file was not updated at that time. It has now been updated.

Suggested correction(s): Users are asked to use the updated HS, HS_SIDE, FRL and CFG files provided, as well as the revised data dictionaries for the HS and FRL files.

Corrective Pseudo-code: N/A

Contact us: We regret any inconvenience this may have caused you or your organization and thank you in advance for your understanding.

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