List of other CHMS documents available

Note: Many of the documents are not yet available for all waves of cycle 3 releases nor are they available for cycle 4 and subsequent cycles. This list shows the names of the most recent version of the documents.

Summaries of disseminated products

Plans for dissemination

CHMS Content summary for cycles 1 to 8

  • The content summary document is divided into separate tables which list all of the content topics in the survey by age group of respondent. There are tables on the household questionnaire and specimen collection, mobile examination centre (MEC) physical measures and specimen collection, MEC questionnaire, laboratory biospecimen, laboratory indoor air sample tests and laboratory tap water sample tests. The laboratory tables also provide information on analytical ranges and conversion factors.

CHMS Data User Guide – Cycle 3

  • The user guide includes information on survey content, sample design, data collection, data processing, weighting, data quality, file usage, as well as guidelines for tabulation, analysis and release.

CHMS Derived Variables (DVs) documentation – Cycle 3

  • There are separate DV documents for the following types of DVs: household and mobile examination centre (MEC), medication, activity monitor, non-environmental laboratory measures, fluoride and volatile organic compounds, and other environmental laboratory measures.

CHMS Data Dictionaries – Cycle 3

  • There are separate data dictionaries for the following data files: household full sample, mobile examination centre full sample, medication full sample, hearing full sample, activity monitor full sample, activity monitor subsample, indoor air subsample – household level, indoor air subsample – person level, fasting blood subsample, red blood cell fatty acids subsample, fluoride household level subsample – in tap water, VOC household level subsample – in tap water, fluoride person level subsample – in urine and tap water, VOC person level subsample – in blood and tap water, non-environmental lab data full sample, environment lab blood and urine full sample, acrylamide (environmental blood subsample), methyl mercury (environmental blood subsample), NNAL and glucoronides (environmental urine subsample), and environment urine main subsample.

Supporting documentation for the climate and air quality file – Cycle 3

CHMS sampling documentation – Cycle 3

Presentations on using CHMS data – Cycles 1 and 2

Instructions for Combining Multiple Cycles of Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS) Data

For more information or to obtain copies of the documents in the list above, please contact Statistics Canada’s Statistical Information Service (toll-free 1-800-263-1136; 514-283-8300;

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