Table 3 Industrial groupings, innovation module, Survey of Innovation and Business Strategy 2012

Table summary
This table displays the results of table 3 industrial groupings. The information is grouped by naics2007 (appearing as row headers), industry description (appearing as column headers).
NAICS2007 Industry description
211 Oil and gas extraction
212 Mining
213 Support activities for mining and oil and gas extraction
2211 Electric power generation, transmission and distribution
2212 Natural gas distribution
2213 Water, sewage and other systems
311, 3121 Food manufacturing and beverage manufacturing
3122 Tobacco manufacturing
313, 314 Textile mills and textile product mills
315 Clothing manufacturing
316 Leather and allied product manufacturing
321 Wood product manufacturing
322 Paper manufacturing
323 Printing and related support activities
324 Petroleum and coal product manufacturing
325 Chemical manufacturing
326 Plastics and rubber products manufacturing
327 Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing
331 Primary metal manufacturing
332 Fabricated metal product manufacturing
333 Machinery manufacturing
334 Computer and electronic product manufacturing
335 Electrical equipment, appliance and component manufacturing
336 Transportation equipment manufacturing
337 Furniture and related product manufacturing
339 Miscellaneous manufacturing
481 Air transportation
482 Rail transportation
483 Water transportation
484 Truck transportation
485 Transit and ground passenger transportation
486 Pipeline transportation
487 Scenic and sightseeing transportation
488 Support activities for transportation
491, 492 Postal service and couriers and messengers
493 Warehousing and storage
5112, 51913, 5415, 518 Software publishers; Internet publishing and broadcasting, and web search portals; Computer systems design and related services; Data processing, hosting, and related services
521, 522 Monetary authorities - central bank and Credit intermediation and related activities
523 Securities, commodity contracts, and other financial investment and related activities
524, 526 Insurance carriers and related activities and funds and other financial vehicles
541310, 541320, 541330, 541340, 541350, 541360, 541370, 541420, 541620 Architectural services; Landscape architectural services; Engineering services; Drafting services; Building inspection services; Geophysical surveying and mapping services; Surveying and mapping (except geophysical) services; Industrial design services; Environmental consulting services
541380 Testing laboratories
5417 Scientific research and development services
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