Monthly Refined Petroleum Products 2020

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Survey purpose

To obtain information on the supply of and demand for energy in Canada. This information serves as an important indicator of Canadian economic performance, is used by all levels of government in establishing informed policies in the energy area and, in the case of public utilities, is used by governmental agencies to fulfil their regulatory responsibilities. The private sector likewise uses this information in the corporate decision-making process. Your information may also be used by Statistics Canada for other statistical and research purposes.


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Operations (Cubic Metres)


  1. For product definitions and detailed survey instructions please consult the provided references.
  2. All values should be reported in cubic metres. All values should be positive except for Column H (Losses and Adjustments During Month), which can be negative.
  3. Each bolded product line should be balanced. When products are balanced, Stocks Beginning of Month + Receipts + Production = Inputs + Shipments + Fuel Uses + Losses and Adjustments + Stocks End of Month. A warning will appear if the values are not balanced.
  4. The Losses and Adjustments column for each bolded product line should be under 5% of (Stocks Beginning of Month + Receipts + Production). A warning will appear if the value is too high.
  5. Total Inputs and Production (Line 79) should be within 5%
2020 Monthly Refined Petroleum Products
Item Description Stocks Beginning of Month Receipts During Month Inputs During Month Production During Month Shipments During Month Fuel Uses During Month Losses and Adjustments During Month Stocks End of Month
Crude oil, Total (including synthetic crude oil)                
Conventional crude oil - light                
Conventional crude oil - heavy                
Crude bitumen                
Lease condensate                
Synthetic crude oil                
Other hydrocarbons                
Renewable fuels, Total                
Fuel ethanol                
Biodiesel fuel (FAME)                
Renewable diesel fuel (HDRD/HVO)                
Other renewable fuels                
Oxygenates (excluding fuel ethanol), Total                
Ethyl tertiary butyl ether (ETBE)                
Other oxygenates                
Hydrocarbon gas liquids, Total                
Ethane and ethylene, Total                
Propane and propylene, Total                
Normal butane and butylene, Total                
Normal butane                
Isobutane and isobutylene, Total                
Pentanes plus                
Unfinished oils, Total (excluding synthetic crude oil)                
Naphthas and lighter                
Kerosene and light gas oils                
Heavy gas oils                
Finished motor gasoline, Total                
Blended with fuel ethanol                
Other finished motor gasoline                
Motor gasoline blending components, Total                
Blendstock for oxygenate blending (BOB)                
Gasoline treated as blendstock (GTAB)                
Other motor gasoline blending components                
Finished aviation gasoline                
Aviation gasoline blending components                
Special naphthas (solvents)                
Kerosene-type jet fuel                
Distillate fuel oil, Total                
Diesel fuel oil                
Light fuel oil (No. 2 and No. 3 heating fuel oils)                
Residual fuel oil, Total (No. 4, No.5 and No. 6 fuel oils)                
Under 1.00% sulphur                
Over 1.00% sulphur                
Lubricants, Total                
Petroleum coke                
Still gas                
Petrochemical feedstocks, Total                
Naphtha less than 205°C (401°F) end-point                
Other oils greater than or equal to 205°C (401°F) end-point                
Miscellaneous products                

Comments: Identify any unusual aspects of your reporting month's operations.

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