September 2009 Farm Survey - Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia (Non-Peace)

Confidential when completed. This survey is conducted under the authority of the Statistics Act, Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985, c. S-19. Completion of this questionnaire is a legal requirement under the Statistics Act.

The purpose of this survey is to obtain information on areas and production of crops, and hay and pasture land.

Statistics Canada is prohibited by law from publishing any statistics which would divulge information obtained from this survey that relates to any identifiable business, institution or individual without the previous written consent of that business, institution or individual. The data reported on this questionnaire will be treated in confidence, used for statistical purposes and published in aggregate form only. The confidentiality provisions of the Statistics Act are not affected by either the Access to Information Act or any other Legislation.

Statistics Canada advises you that there could be a risk of disclosure of your information if you choose to return it by fax, e-mail or other electronic means. Upon receipt of your information, Statistics Canada will provide the level of protection required by the Statistics Act.

Review the information on the label. If any information is incorrect or missing, please make the necessary corrections in the boxes below.

  • Farm Name (if applicable)
  • Surname or Family Name
  • Usual First Name and Initial
  • Area Code
  • Telephone
  • R.R.
  • Box No.
  • Number and Street Name
  • Postal Code
  • Post Office (name of city, town or village where mail is received)
  • E-mail Address (if applicable)
  • Partner's Name (if applicable)
  • Telephone
  • Partner's Name (if applicable)
  • Telephone
  • Corporation Name (if applicable)

Section A corn for grain and soybeans in storage

The following questions refer to grains in storage on your farm on August 31, 2009.

  • Grains harvested in or prior to 2008;
  • Grains owned by someone else but  stored on your farm;
  • Grains purchased for animal feed or seed.


  • Brand name feeds that were purchased (feed rations);
  • Grains that you own but are stored off your farm (e.g. elevator, another farm, storage ticket, condominium storage).

Important: Any crops harvested as forage or green silage should not be included as "grains in storage".

1. Did you have any Corn for Grain or Soybeans in storage on your farm on August 31, 2009?

  • Yes
  • No (go to section B.)

2. Indicate the quantity in storage on your farm on August 31, 2009.

  • Unit of measure (bu, mt, it, kg, lb, cwt, Other)

a. Corn for Grain (include seed corn but exclude sweet corn)
3. What is the percent moisture content of the Corn for Grain in storage? (If Quebec respondent, go to Question
4.  Else, go to the next crop.  If this is the last crop, go to Section B.)
b. Soybeans

Quebec respondents only

4. What percentage of your Corn for Grain in storage is intended for the commercial market? (Go to the next crop. If this is the last crop, go to section B.)

The following questions deal with all land operated.

  • Land rented from other operations and Crown or public land used for agricultural purposes.


  • Land rented to other operations.

Section B fall rye and winter wheat seeded and harvested

1. Did you seed any Fall Rye or Winter Wheat in the fall of 2008?

  • Yes
  • No (go to section C.)

2. Which crops did you seed?

  1. Fall Rye
  2. Winter Wheat

3. Indicate the area seeded and the area harvested or expected to be harvested as grain. Also indicate the yield or total production you obtained or expect to obtain.