North American Product Classification System (NAPCS) Canada 2012 Version 1.2


NAPCS Canada 2012 Version 1.2 updates NAPCS Canada 2012 Version 1.1. Some categories were split, and others were merged. New categories were incorporated, and some were deleted, for a net decrease of 79 product categories at different levels, providing better relevancy to statistical programs and users. Most of the changes, however, were editorial. They relate to editing of category titles adding precision to their formulations. The detailed list of changes can be obtained from Standards Division at

Standard classification structure

The standard classification structure of NAPCS Canada 2012 comprises four levels: group, class, subclass, and detail. The table below outlines the nomenclature and provides the number of categories within each level of NAPCS Canada 2012 versions 1.2 and 1.1.

Standard classification structure of NAPCS Canada 2012
Level Coding Number of categories NAPCS 2012 Version 1.2 Number of categories NAPCS 2012 Version 1.1
Group 3-digit codes 156 158
Class 5-digit codes 506 511
Subclass 6-digit codes 1,389 1,402
Detail 7-digit codes 2,635 2,694
Total   4,686 4,765
Table source: Statistics Canada, NAPCS.
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