Notice of Changes to the North American Product Classification System (NAPCS) Canada 2017 Version 2.0

April 12, 2019 (Previous notice)

NAPCS Canada 2017 Version 2.0 has been updated as of April 12, 2019 by adding new illustrative examples and an inclusion to identify where Norway spruce lumber is classified, with appropriate exclusions added as follows:

Code New Examples English
1311125 untreated Norway spruce logs (except fuel wood and pulpwood)
2411251 Norway spruce lumber (except treated, tongue and groove, edge worked, cut stock and dimension)
4621336 Norway spruce lumber, edge worked (including tongued and grooved)
4621338 Norway spruce cut stock and dimension lumber (including furniture cut stock)

New exclusions of Sitka and Norway spruce logs or lumber have also been added in the following categories of NAPCS Canada 2017 V2.0: 1311121, 2411211 and 4621332.

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