Standard Classification of Goods (SCG), 2000 and 2001

The Standard Classification of Goods (SCG) is the standard for classifying goods at Statistics Canada. The SCG is based upon the international Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS), which makes up the first six digits of the SCG code. Up to three digits are added to reflect statistical requirements for import, export and production statistics. The SCG was last officially published in 1996 and before that in 1992. The SCG is, however, updated each year, the most recent changes being for 2001. The 2001 version was used to classify goods on the Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM), up until the 2003 survey. For 2004 the ASM will classify goods using the ASM List of Goods. It is the two most recent versions of the SCG which users can access on this site. While not available in printed format, the classification is available in electronic form, in various formats from Standards Division, Statistics Canada.

SCG 2001

SCG 2000

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