Brochure B – Survey of Businesses under Federal Jurisdiction

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Your participation is important

Statistics Canada is conducting 2 surveys on behalf of Employment and Social Development Canada:

  1. The Survey of Businesses under Federal Jurisdiction, now taking place, aims to identify businesses under federal jurisdiction and to collect employee contact information from those businesses.
  2. The Survey of Employees under Federal Jurisdiction, which will take place in the winter of 2021/2022, will cover topics such as quality of work conditions, access to benefits and flexible work arrangements, labour relations, work-related well-being, health and safety.

Information from this survey will guide research and analysis to update the Canada Labour Code.

The business survey is mandatory

To ensure that all employees are properly identified and can be contacted, the survey conducted among businesses such as yours is mandatory under the Statistics Act.

Participating is easy

You only need to access the link included in the invitation.

You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire, and provide us with a list of your employees if your business is under federal jurisdiction. If your employees are selected, they will be mailed an invitation to participate in the voluntary Survey of Employees under Federal Jurisdiction.

How to prepare for this survey

This survey should be completed by someone who is knowledgeable about your business activities and has access to your employee list. Survey questions will confirm whether the company is under federal jurisdiction. If it is, your organization will be required to provide Statistics Canada with a list of employees who were active in 2020.

The employee list should include regular, seasonal, term, casual or on-call employees, and any interns (paid or unpaid).

You will have to provide every employee's first and last name, a mailing address (work, personal or both) and the work email address, if available.

Information is confidential

All information collected by Statistics Canada is strictly confidential and protected by the Statistics Act. Statistics Canada cannot release any information that would identify you, your business, or your employees without your consent. Furthermore, this information cannot be released under any other law, including the Access to Information Act.

For more information

Visit: Survey of Businesses under Federal Jurisdiction (SBFJ)


Telephone: 1-877-949-9492

(TTY: 1-800-363-7629)

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