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There's power in numbers. Your hockey pool, tennis game or video game tournament wouldn't be the same without them. Neither would Canada.

Thanks to survey data, we can measure trends, better understand social issues and make decisions based on facts. There's no better way to paint an objective picture of the society we live in!

Discover the power of numbers. And if you are selected for a Statistics Canada survey, say yes!


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Watch these short videos to understand how survey data can answer your questions, help you make decisions and make your life a little simpler.


A portrait of Canadian youth

This presentation provides a comprehensive statistical picture of Canada's Youth based on a broad range of information from across Statistics Canada. It helps to illustrate the advantages as well as the pressures and challenges that today's youth are facing relative to other generations.

Portrait of Canadian Youth

Stastics Canada: One Hundred Years and Counting

Stastics Canada: One Hundred Years and Counting #StatCan100


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