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What is the result of the following equation?

Around 200 business surveys conducted every year across Canada + Your business + Thousands of responses + Data compilation, analysis and dissemination = High-quality, timely data that provide important information for you, your business, your industry and the Canadian economy.

Your information is powerful

The data collected from the array of monthly, quarterly and annual business surveys feed into important economic indicators, such as the Consumer Price Index and international trade statistics.

The information you provide could have an impact on the Canadian dollar, the stock market and the economy.

How your business is selected

Various characteristics are taken into account when Statistics Canada selects business respondents (e.g., type of business, size and geographical location). Given the importance of business survey data to the economy, most of these surveys are mandatory.

Data produced by Statistics Canada need to reflect all business types―large, medium and small―located across the country.

Many business survey questionnaires can be completed online.

Your contribution is important

Consider the data collected by Statistics Canada from businesses as the backbone of the Canadian economy.

Businesses use the data to:

  • track their performance against industry averages;
  • prepare business plans for investors;
  • prepare marketing strategies and evaluate expansion plans.

Industry associations, business analysts and investors use the data to:

  • establish benchmarks to analyze the economic performance of various industries;
  • understand evolving business environments, such as global communications networks, free trade and new technologies.

Governments use the data when making decisions about:

  • infrastructure investments to promote domestic and international competitiveness;
  • fiscal, monetary and foreign exchange policies;
  • fiscal transfers and equalization payments.

Your time is valuable

We try to make responding to our surveys easier for you, by:

  • providing the opportunity to complete our questionnaires online for a greater number of surveys;
  • combining surveys and regularly reviewing the number of surveys conducted, along with their frequency and length;
  • working directly with businesses to agree on customized reporting arrangements.

The information provided is kept confidential

The Statistics Act prohibits Statistics Canada from releasing any information that could be used to identify an individual, business or agricultural operation. However, we sometimes enter into joint collection and sharing agreements with other government departments or organizations to avoid duplicating surveys. Whenever such agreements exist, your business is notified.

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