Brochure - Canadian Survey on Disability

Your experience. Your voice. Your needs.

About the survey

The Canadian Survey on Disability (CSD) is one of the most comprehensive national surveys on Canadians aged 15 and older whose everyday activities are limited because of a long-term condition or health-related problem. It provides valuable insights about the lived experiences, challenges and well-being of persons with disabilities.

Why should I participate?

Your answers represent those of other Canadians just like you. Your participation is essential to ensure that the data are as complete as possible!

The information you provide will help guide decisions about policies, programs and services designed to improve the lives of persons with disabilities.

With your support, we can move one step closer to a barrier-free Canada.

What do you want to know about me?

The CSD asks important questions about a wide range of topics, including education and employment experiences; use of specialized aids and assistive devices; and need for help, therapies and supports.

New topics for 2022

  • Food security
  • Social isolation
  • Accessibility barriers
  • Homelessness
  • Sexual orientation
  • Cannabis use
  • COVID-19

When will the results be available?

Survey results will be available in the winter of 2023/2024.

Where can I get more information about the survey?

Statistics Canada Help Line: 1-833-977-8287

Telecommunications device for the hearing impaired (TTY): 1-866-753-7083

*If you use an operator-assisted relay service, you can call us during regular business hours. You do not need to authorize the operator to contact us.

Statistics Canada website: Canadian Survey on Disability (CSD)

Thank you for participating!