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Vehicle registrations, 2021

  • The total number of road motor vehicles registered in Canada increased to 26.2 million in 2021, up 1.9% over 2020.
  • At 24.1 million, light-duty vehicles accounted for 9 out of every 10 motor vehicles registered in 2021, with passenger cars remaining the most common type. However, registrations of multi-purpose vehicles have experienced the most growth over the last five years.
  • While 94.9% of all registered light-duty vehicles remained motor gasoline in 2021, there were 303,073 hybrid electric vehicles, 152,685 battery electric vehicles and 95,896 plug-in electric vehicles registered.

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Sustainable Development Goals Data Hub

Sustainable Development Goals

Browse Canada's statistics for the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Several of these goals are relevant to the automotive industry.

Transportation Data and Information Hub

Developed in partnership by Transport Canada and Statistics Canada, the Transportation Data and Information Hub is an authoritative source of data and information about transportation in Canada.

New motor vehicle registrations: Quarterly data visualization tool

New motor vehicle registrations: Quarterly data visualization tool

New motor vehicle registrations quarterly data visualization tool is an interactive dashboard that provides access to current and historical data on new vehicle registrations. It allows the user to compare and analyze new vehicle registrations data by fuel type, geography and vehicle type. Annual data are also available.


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