Introduction to Record Linkage (Course code 0419)


To provide an overview of record linkage, focusing mainly in probabilistic linkage. The course explains among other things, the method used to calculate the linkage weight. It also contains a description of some Statistics Canada projects which requires record linkage and a presentation of the software GRLS developed by StatCan for probabilistic matching. The participants will also do a short project using GRLS.

Benefits to participant

Participants will learn difference between different linkage methods. They will have an idea of how to start a project and the kind of information required. They will also get information, documentation and tips on the GRLS software.

Target population

Employees with knowledge of the basic concepts of inductive statistics and probabilities who wish to acquire an overview of linkage techniques or employees who are required to work on a linkage project.

Course outline

  • Overview of record linkage
  • Definitions and concepts related to probabilistic linkage
  • Examples of linkage projects at Statistics Canada
  • How to calculate the weights
  • GRLS Demo
  • GRLS workshop.


Knowledge of the basic concepts of inductive statistics and probabilities.

Duration: 2 days

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