Social Policy Simulation Database and Model (SPSD/M) Training Seminar (Course code 0439A)


This course provides a detailed understanding the components of the SPSD/M and how to use key features such as controlling scenarios, creating new variables and customized tables. Case studies are presented and participants have an opportunity for hands-on experience.

Benefits to participants

Participants will be able to use the SPSD/M.

Target population

Hands-on users of the SPSD/M and persons who will be analyzing and interpreting SPSD/M results.

Course outline

  • Microsimulation fundamentals
  • SPSD/M components and structure
  • Key concept: Static database aging
  • Key concept: Unit of analysis
  • Key concept: Accounting framework
  • SPSM parameters
  • SPSM operation
  • Selection and sampling
  • Custom tables with the crosstabulator
  • SPSD database and variables
  • SPSM algorithms
  • SPSM facilities
  • Creating new variables
  • Example simulations and case studies


2 days

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