Analysis 101: Steps of the analytical process (Course code 0456A)


How do you extract meaning from numbers? How do you turn data into information that is useful to decision makers? And how do you convey that information in a way that helps Canadians understand themselves?

Spend the day with us and find out.

Analysis 101 will take participants through the three main steps of the analytical process:

  1. Planning your analysis addresses how to define an analytical question, how to identify and choose data sources, and how to create a formal analysis plan;
  2. Performing your analysis discusses how to best organize, examine, and interpret your data. Instructors will provide analytical examples and tips for conducting analysis;
  3. Reviewing your work and disseminating your findings provides participants with best practices for reviewing their work and presenting their findings to an audience. Instructors will also present a case study illustrating how the process was applied in a Statistics Canada analytical product.

This is a full-day course that includes both a structured presentation of the analytical process, as well as hands-on group and individual activities. Resources for the activities will be provided on-site.


$275 per participant

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