Social Policy Simulation Database and Model (SPSD/M) Glass Box Training Seminar (Course code H-0439C)


This is an advanced seminar directed towards persons who are already hands-on users of the SPSD/M. The course provides an understanding of how to create glass box executables by modifying the SPSM algorithms which are written in C++. Case studies are presented and participants have an opportunity for more hands-on experience.

Benefits to participants

Participants will be able to use the SPSD/M.

Target population

Hands-on users of the SPSD/M and persons who will be analyzing and interpreting SPSD/M results.

Course outline

  • SPSM algorithms
  • Visual
  • Building a glass box
  • SPSD/M file structure
  • Creating new parameters
  • Creating new variables
  • Debugging


Persons planning on attending the seminar should already be familiar with the use of the SPSD/M in Black box mode. They should know how to create new user variables and custom tables at various family levels.


1 day

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