Transparency and accountability

Statistics Canada is committed to openness and transparency. The Statistics Act makes provisions for transparent and accountable decisions on statistical matters.

We are also dedicated to making more information available about our accountability under the Statistics Act, such as entering into data sharing agreements.

We know your information is important to you and it's important to us that we look after it. Access to trusted statistical information supports evidence-based decision-making in both the public and private sectors. This is why we are dedicated to making quality information available to Canadians and policy-makers.

Read more on Statistics Canada's commitment to transparency and accountability in the following sections:

Statistics Canada's Trust Centre

Learn how Statistics Canada keeps your data safe and protects your privacy.

Accountability under the Statistics Act

Understand our commitment to making more information available about the use of our authority under the Statistics Act.

Access to information and privacy

Learn about privacy and your right to access information. This includes making a request and viewing completed requests.

Privacy and confidentiality

Learn more about privacy and confidentiality at Statistics Canada.

Using new and existing data for official statistics

Learn more about where data comes from, how they are used in official statistics, and the steps we take to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

Access to microdata

Learn about access to data, and what requirements must be met to do so.

Corporate management reporting

Outlines important documentation regarding Statistics Canada's performance, proactive disclosures and briefing notes prepared for the Office of the Chief Statistician.

Publications and information holdings

Explore data and information from Statistics Canada.

Policy on Official Release

Learn more about how Statistics Canada ensures that all Canadians have equitable and timely access to high quality statistics.

Statistics Canada and contact tracing

Learn more about how Statistics Canada could use its expertise and interviewing capacity to assist in the COVID contact tracing efforts at the federal and provincial levels.

Statistics Canada and disaggregated data

Find out how using disaggregated data helps support evidence-based policy development and decision-making.

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