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How do we use social trends monitoring and reporting tools? What are the latest administrative data requests for information? Learn more about how we collect, analyze and share data that benefits you.

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Social trends monitoring and reporting tools enable stronger connections

Connected citizens and a connected government equals a connected country, and social media and news media can play a big role.

Modernization projects

Statistics Canada fosters a culture of innovation—it is at the heart of everything we do. Learn about some of our latest initiatives that are driving our modernization forward.

Notice of revisions to Statistics Canada's Policy on Official Release

The protection of sensitive data is of the utmost importance to Statistics Canada; it is a fundamental value ingrained within our culture.

Panel discussion at the 51st annual United Nations Statistical Commission

The Chief Statistician highlighted Statistics Canada's Necessity and Proportionality Framework

Statistics Canada's Mobile-Phone Application: A New Way to Collect Survey Data

Statistics Canada has developed a new mobile-phone application to serve as an easier, more convenient way for you to answer surveys.

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