International cooperation

Since its beginning as the Dominion Bureau of Statistics in 1918, Statistics Canada has been involved with international organizations to improve statistical capacity, both domestically and worldwide.

Statistics Canada’s international mandate is to

  • participate in the development of statistical methods, standards and techniques
  • fulfill its obligations as a member of the international statistical community and agency of the Government of Canada on the world stage
  • help other countries through technical assistance.

To do this, Statistics Canada works hard to ensure that these activities are carried out to the highest standard, with a view to supporting Statistics Canada’s mandate and strengthening its reputation.

Statistics Canada works closely with the Canadian International Development Agency, the United Nations, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and other international agencies. Statistics Canada also conducts bilateral activities with individual nations around the world.

Increasing the statistical capacities of developing nations and collaborating with other statistical agencies enables Statistics Canada to remain a world leader in statistical information, standards and practices.

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International programs and activities

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