International Statistical Fellowship Program

Reliable economic and social statistical information is necessary for evidence-based policy, for efficient decision-making and for better measurement of development results. For that reason, it is crucial to increase the statistical capacity of emerging countries.

Statistics Canada signed an international co-operation agreement with the Canadian International Development Agency to help improve the management capabilities of the national statistical offices of some countries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. One of the components of the agreement, signed by International Cooperation Division, is the International Statistical Fellowship Program which began in 2011 and ended in March 2016.

The program addressed identified gaps in the leadership and management of national statistical offices and systems in more than 40 participating countries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. This entailed both acquisition of management knowledge and continued local development and ownership. After two weeks of training in Ottawa, attendees and their statistical office engaged with Statistics Canada by developing organizational action plans to apply what was learned in the training period. Statistics Canada monitored how these country-specific action plans were implemented over a two-year period.

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