2019 Census Test Website

Consultation objectives

In preparation for the 2021 Census of Population and Census of Agriculture, Statistics Canada conducts a Census test in 2019 to evaluate the new and modified questions of the questionnaire, as well as the collection procedures and tools.

In March 2019, Statistics Canada conducted usability testing on the Census test website. The website has been enhanced to provide key information on: the Census; the Census test and jobs; frequently asked questions; and, contact information.

Feedback, suggestions and ideas expressed during this consultation ensured that the 2019 Census Test website is as user-friendly as possible while meeting users' needs.

Consultation methodology

Statistics Canada conducted in-person usability consultations in Ottawa, Ontario. Participants were asked to complete a series of tasks and to provide feedback on the proposed website.

How participants got involved

This consultation is now closed.

Individuals who wished to obtain more information or to take part in a consultation were requested to contact Statistics Canada by sending an email to statcan.consultations-consultations.statcan@canada.ca.

It was noted that Statistics Canada selects participants for each consultation to ensure feedback is sought from a representative sample of the target population for the study. Not all applicants were asked to participate in a given consultation.

Statistics Canada is committed to respecting the privacy of consultation participants. All personal information created, held or collected by the Agency is protected by the Privacy Act. For more information on Statistics Canada's privacy policies, please consult the Privacy notice.


What worked

All participants were able to complete the majority of tasks on various pages of the 2019 Census Test Website, stating that the pages included the expected information. Overall, participants thought that the information provided was clear and concise. They also indicated that website was easy to use and that the navigation was intuitive.

Areas for Improvement

Some participants made suggestions concerning the section headers, the quantity of information and the distribution of the information in the FAQ section.


For increased clarity, consider changing some section headers on the landing page and ensure that the FAQ section is organized in a more intuitive order, beginning with the most general information and most popular questions.

Statistics Canada would like to thank participants for their participation in this consultation. Their insights will guide the agency's web development and ensure that the final products meet users' expectations.