Delta File

The Delta File is a file which contains all data and metadata released by Statistics Canada each business day. This is the preferred mechanism for users who want to obtain large updates to Statistics Canada data.

To obtain information on how to use and consume our Delta File, please read the Delta File User Guide.

To download a Delta File, please select from the choices below:

Delta Files Delta File contains: Table updates from 2019-12-13 Table updates from 2019-12-12 Table updates from 2019-12-11 Table updates from 2019-12-10 Table updates from 2019-12-09

Please note that CANSIM table numbers are now referred to as Product IDs (PID). For reference, a look-up table providing the concordance between CANSIM table numbers and the new Product IDs is available.

A metadata XML schema definition file (ZIP, 795 B) defining the structure of the metadata file is available for developers.

A code set file, supporting the data and metadata files, contains all the descriptions associated with the codes for scalar factor, frequency, unit of measure, symbol, status, security level, subject, survey and classification type.

To connect to our database directly and view data and metadata released by Statistics Canada each business day, please see the Web Data Service.

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