Data Liberation Initiative (DLI)

What is the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI)?

The Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) is a partnership between post-secondary institutions and Statistics Canada for improving access to Canadian data resources. Over the years the focus of the DLI Program has evolved from purchasing access to major Canadian datasets collected by Statistics Canada to providing training services and the continuous support required for the proper understanding and usage of an ever expanding research data collection. There are several benefits to being a member of the DLI. The first aspect is access to a large collection of Public Use Microdata files and to a special collection of aggregate data tables. To complement the access we provide the DLI community with dedicated research assistance, support on how to use the Microdata files and tools to improve student and faculty access to the data. Finally the DLI provides expert training and advice on the use of the Statistics Canada data as well as a direct source for learning about new surveys and data coming from Statistics Canada.

As Statistics Canada's dissemination model becomes more open, the DLI Program will continue to play an important role in its promotion of data and statistical literacy, to provide feedback to Statistics Canada on the relevancy of its data to Canadian society and in its educational outreach to the DLI and wider communities.

Please consult the list of participating institutions and their contacts. If your institution is already a member, please contact the person listed to gain access to products available through the DLI.

For more information about the DLI program, please contact us.