The DLI Collection

The DLI Collection is composed of standard products produced by Statistics Canada. The products found in the collection tend to be microdata files, cd-rom products, spreadsheets and databases.

All DLI Products
A list of survey titles, acronyms and links to data and metadata available on the web.

View microdata
Welcome to the Nesstar data portal, a web-based exploration, extraction and analysis tool for social science data.

The Nesstar data portal consists of two catalogues of Statistics Canada data:

  1. Public use microdata files (PUMFS)
  2. Research Data Centre (RDC) master files

Users can search and identify variables of interest on the microdata files and determine whether a PUMF or a master file would best fit their research needs. The metadata in this tool does not represent the complete collection of PUMFs and RDC master files because it takes time to mark up a file using Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) metadata standard and have it placed in the tool.

The Nesstar search allows users to search surveys or statistical products for both public-use microdata files (PUMF) and public master files. You may also search DLI variables.