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This table displays the results of DLI Products. The information is grouped by Title (appearing as row headers), Acronym (appearing as column headers).


Table A
Containing surveys starting with A
Title Acronym Survey Number
Aboriginal Children's Survey - Synthetic FileFootnote * ACS 5108
Aboriginal Peoples Survey - Tables APS 3250
Aboriginal Peoples Survey - PUMF
Absence from Work Survey - PUMF AWS 3805
Access and Support to Education and Training Survey - PUMF ASETS 5151
Adult Correctional Services ACS 3306
Adult Criminal Court Survey - Tables ACCS 3312
Adult Education and Training Survey - PUMF AETS 3879
Annual Estimates of Employment Earnings and Hours - Tables AEEEH 2612
Annual Retail Store Survey ARSS 2446
Annual Survey of Manufactures and Logging Industries ASML 2103


Table B
Containing surveys starting with B
Title Acronym Survey Number
Business Integrated Database BID Note: not applicable


Table C
Containing surveys starting with C
Title Acronym Survey Number
Canada Health Survey - PUMF CHS 3217
Canada's Alcohol and Other Drugs Survey - PUMF CADS 4408
Canada's Demographic Estimates - Tables CDE 3601
Canadian Business Patterns CBP 1105
Canadian Community Health Survey - PUMF CCHS 3226
Canadian Community Health Survey - Tables CCHS 3226
Canadian Farm Financial Database CFFD 3447
Canadian Financial Capability Survey - PUMF CFCS 5159
Canadian Health Measures Survey. Reference materials.Footnote * CHMS 5071
Canadian Income Survey - PUMF CIS 5200
Canadian Internet Use Survey - PUMF CIUS 4432
Canadian Survey of Experiences with Primary Health Care - PUMF CSE-PHC 5138
Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey - PUMF CTUMS 4440
Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey - PUMF CTADS 4440
Canadian Travel Survey CTS 3810
Community College Student Information System CCSIS 3122
Census of Agriculture - Tables AGR 3438
Census of Population - PUMF Censuspop 3901
Census of Population - Tables Censuspop 3901
Changes in Employment Survey - PUMF CIES 4423
Compensation Sector Survey - PUMF CSS 4449
Concentration ratios in the manufacturing industries and Herfindahl indexes CRHI Note: not applicable
Corrections Key Indicator Report for Adults and Young Offenders - Tables CKIR 3313
Cultural Labour Force Survey CLFS Note: not applicable
Corporations Returns Act CRA 2503


Table D
Containing surveys starting with D
Title Acronym Survey Number
Dangerous Goods Accident Information System DGAIS 7503


Table E
Containing surveys starting with E
Title Acronym Survey Number
Elementary-Secondary Education Survey - Tables ESES 5102
Employment Dynamics Note: not applicable 2946
Employment Insurance Coverage Survey - PUMF EICS 4428
Ethnic Diversity Survey - PUMF EDS 4508


Table F
Containing surveys starting with F
Title Acronym Survey Number
Financial Information of Universities and Colleges Survey - Tables FIUC 3121
Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Business FPICB 2510
Financial Statistics of Community Colleges and Vocational Schools - Tables FINCOL 3146
Fleet Report - Inventory of Commercial Aircraft in Canada FLEET Note: not applicable
Food Expenditure Survey - PUMF FOODEX 3503


Table G
Containing surveys starting with G
Title Acronym Survey Number
General Social Survey - PUMF GSS 3894
Geography Products GEO Note: not applicable


Table H
Containing surveys starting with H
Title Acronym Survey Number
Health Indicators Database HI Note: not applicable
Health Promotion SurveyFootnote * HPS 3828
Homeowner Repair And Renovation Survey - PUMF HRRS 3886
Homicide Survey - Tables HS 3315
Households and the Environment Survey - PUMF HES 3881


Table I
Containing surveys starting with I
Title Acronym Survey Number
Income Trends in Canada ITC 3889
Industrial MonitorFootnote * IM Note: not applicable
Information and Communications Technologies In Schools Survey - Tables ICTSS 5051
Input - Output Tables Note: not applicable 1401
International Travel Survey - PUMF ITS 5005
International Youth Survey - PUMF IYS 5117
Interwar Labour Database ILD Note: not applicable


Table J
Containing surveys starting with J
Title Acronym Survey Number
Joint Canada/United States Survey of Health – PUMF          JCUSH 5020


Table L
Containing surveys starting with L
Title Acronym Survey Number
Labour Force Survey - PUMF LFS 3701
Legal Aid Survey - Tables LAS 3308


Table N
Containing surveys starting with N
Title Acronym Survey Number
National Electronic Media Use Survey - PUMF NEMUS 4424
National Graduates Survey - PUMF NGS 5012
National Household Survey - PUMF NHS 5178
National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth - PUMF NLSCY 4450
National Population Health Survey - PUMF NPHS 3236
National Private Vehicle Use Survey - PUMF NPVUS 4407
National Survey of Information Technology Occupations - Tables NSITO 2939
New Brunswick Wage Rate Survey - Tables NBWRS 2920


Table O
Containing surveys starting with O
Title Acronym Survey Number
Occupational Surveillance in Canada – Tables OSC 3233
Ontario Adult Literacy Survey - PUMF OALS 4433
Ontario Material Deprivation Survey - PUMF OMDS 5161


Table P
Containing surveys starting with P
Title Acronym Survey Number
Participation and Activity Limitation Survey - PUMF PALS 3251
Police Administration Survey - Tables PAS 3301
Population Projections for Canada Provinces and Territories with Detailed Electronic Tables Note: not applicable 3602
Postsecondary Student Information System - Tables PSIS 5017
Profile of Persons with Disabilities - Tables PPD 3251
Profile of Visible Minorities - Tables PVM 4508
Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies – PUMF PIAAC 4406
Provincial Economic Accounts - Tables PEA 1901
Public Service Employee Survey - PUMF PSES 4438


Table R
Containing surveys starting with R
Title Acronym Survey Number
Residential Telephone Service Survey - PUMF RTSS 4426


Table S
Containing surveys starting with S
Title Acronym Survey Number
School Leavers Survey - PUMF SLS 3156
Small Area Retail Trade Estimates - Tables SARTRE 2409
Small Area and Administrative Data - Tables SAAD 4105
Small Business Profiles - Tables SBP 5028
Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Canada - Tables SME 5157
Sub Provincial Employment Dynamics - Tables SPED 8013
Sun Exposure Survey - PUMF SES 4419
Survey of Approaches to Educational Planning - PUMF SAEP 4442
Survey of Consumer Finances - PUMF SCF 3502
Survey of Earned Doctorates - Tables SED 3126
Survey of Family Expenditures - PUMF FAMEX 3504
Survey of Financial Security - PUMF SFS 2620
Survey of Household Energy Use - PUMF SHEU 4403
Survey of Household Spending - PUMF SHS 3508
Survey of Innovation - Tables SOI 4218
Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics - PUMF SLID 3889
Survey of Literacy Skills Used in Daily Activities - PUMF LSUDA 3874
Survey of Older Workers - PUMF SOW 5158
Survey of Self Employment - PUMF SSE 3850
Survey on Financing of Co-operatives - Tables SFCO 5150
Survey on the Importance of Nature to Canadians - PUMF SINC 3808
Survey on the Vitality of Official-Language Minorities - PUMF SVOLM 5099


Table T
Containing surveys starting with T
Title Acronym Survey Number
Transition Home Survey - Tables THS 3328
Travel Activities and Motivation Survey - PUMF TAMS 4439
Travel Survey of Residents of Canada - PUMF TSRC 3810
Tuition and Living Accommodation Costs - Tables TLAC 3123


Table U
Containing surveys starting with U
Title Acronym Survey Number
Uniform Crime Reporting Survey - Tables UCR 3302
University and College Academic Staff System - Tables UCASS 3101


Table V
Containing surveys starting with V
Title Acronym Survey Number
Victim Services Survey - Tables VSS 5035
Violence Against Women Survey - PUMF VAWS 3896


Table W
Containing surveys starting with W
Title Acronym Survey Number
Workplace and Employee Survey: Synthetic Files.Footnote * WES 2615


Table Y
Containing surveys starting with Y
Title Acronym Survey Number
Youth Court Survey - Tables YCS 3309
Youth Custody and Community Services - Tables YCCS 3323
Youth Smoking Survey - PUMF YSS 4401
Youth in Transition Survey: Synthetic Files.Footnote * YITS 4435


Footnote *

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