DLI reports, reference and training materials


Meeting minutes for the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) External Advisory Committee (EAC) and Professional Development Committee (PDC) are available on the DLI EFT site.

Bi-annual reports are available on the DLI EFT site.

To request a copy please contact DLI.

Reference materials

DLI Survival Guide
This Guide serves as a reference document for DLI contacts at participating institutions across Canada.

DLI Subscription and Licences
Access DLI program subscription forms and licences.

Training materials

DLI Training Repository
The Training Repository contains presentations from DLI Training Sessions and Workshops. The Repository also contains other related presentations and workshops, both national and international.

Documents related to governance can be found on the DLI EFT site. For more information please contact your institution's DLI representative.