Requests for information – Travel and tourism

Under the authority of the Statistics Act, Statistics Canada is hereby requesting the following information, which will be used solely for statistical and research purposes and will be protected in accordance with the provisions of the Statistics Act and any other applicable law. This is a mandatory request for data.

Travel and traveller characteristics

Aggregate anonymized mobile phone movement data

What information is being requested?

Anonymized and aggregate information on Canadians travelling in Canada and Americans travelling to Canada is being requested. Information will include number of visitors, number of trips, number of nights, nights per visitor, and nights per trip at the geography level of FSA (forward sortation area: the three first characters of the postal code).

What personal information is included in this request?

This request does not include personal information.

What years of data will be requested?

Monthly data beginning with January 2018 (ongoing).

From whom will the information be requested?

This information is being requested from Environics Analytics Group

Why is this information being requested?

Statistics Canada requires this information to produce and publish statistics on domestic travel within Canada by both Canadians and Americans. This will help fill important data gaps and provide travel information that would normally be collected from travel surveys, ultimately eliminating response burden. Data can be used by policy makers, researchers, and industry stakeholders to help support Canada's tourism sector which employs Canadians directly and indirectly in the transportation, restaurant and food services, accommodation and cultural as well as recreational industries. High quality detailed tourism data benefits the Canadian economy and, in turn, all Canadians.

Statistics Canada may also use the information for other statistical and research purposes.

Why were these organizations selected as data providers?

Environics Analytics Group (EAG) provides a range of large-sample-size surveys, administrative data, mobile movement data and detailed current estimates of the population. The data span both Canada and the US and are maintained and updated regularly. EAG takes research data, and administrative data and uses statistical and geographic techniques to express the data for small geographies for all of Canada providing datasets that are needed to produce timely and quality detailed tourism data.

When will this information be requested?

December 2020 and onward (monthly).

When was this request published?

December 8, 2020

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