The Federal Research Data Centre (FRDC)

The Federal Research Data Centre (FRDC) was established, in Ottawa, in response to a growing demand for access to detailed micro data for analytical purposes in the federal departments. The FRDC gives federal employees access to selected detailed micro data collected by Statistics Canada. It is a combination of a secure Statistics Canada office and a statistical analysis computing laboratory. This center permits Statistics Canada to offer the necessary services and support on data and methods. It also creates an environment where exchange of ideas and collaboration between researchers can flourish. The FRDC operates on a cost-recovery basis.

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The Departmental Peer Review process for federal, provincial and territorial government employees or contractors who are hired by a government agency specifically deals with policy related work. To assist researchers requesting statistical analyses needed in policy work, the FRDC Application Process and Guidelines should be consulted.

Once these projects are approved, researchers are sworn-in under the Statistics Act, thereby becoming 'deemed employees' of Statistics Canada. They are subject to all the conditions and penalties of the Statistics Act. They must also sign a contract and deliver a product to Statistics Canada at the end of their project.

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