User guide

Warning about data production using RTRA Warning

Users of RTRA should be made aware of the following modifications to survey information pages:


Users must include the relevant weight variable in their program. Weights themselves cannot be accessed directly. The Real Time Remote Access (RTRA) system will provide users with indicators of data quality for surveys that have bootstrap weights associated with the files. "Bootstrap" weights themselves are not accessible to the RTRA user.

Disclosure control

Data is protected by a method of controlled rounding. Only weighted data can be produced. Minimum threshold suppression rules do not apply to RTRA [not true for Mean].

Details on master file

Users interested in obtaining more detailed information regarding master files can view the Parameters page. File names, deleted variables, renamed variables and the applied rounding base are given for each survey. All unique record identifiers are named 'ID'. Only RTRA account holders are able to download this document through their electronic file transfer account.

Dummy codebooks and datasets

RTRA account holders have access to dummy datasets and codebooks that do not contain frequency counts. To access survey metadata, users should download FileZilla, a free file transfer platform (FTP). Full instructions on how to connect to the location of all survey documentation and Real Time Remote Access (RTRA) support documents, can be found in this document: How to connect to RTRA using FTP. If you have difficulty accessing RTRA products, please contact


Warning! Results from RTRA may differ from those obtained from other sources.

RTRA SAS program submissions

RTRA is designed for analysts who are capable of programming in SAS. The user is fully and entirely responsible for developing and testing his/her programs before submission.

Examples of SAS programs can be found in the RTRA users' file transfer platform (FTP) account. These programs are intended to serve as a model of how to structure your SAS programs for the RTRA. For more information on how to set up your FTP account, please consult How to connect to RTRA using FTP.

Project relevance

As per the terms and conditions agreed to by researchers‚ any submissions must be directly related to the application submitted to Statistics Canada. Periodic reviews will be conducted on submitted programs to ensure that this condition is met. Researchers must follow the terms and conditions for the RTRA system in their application.