Send and receive step by step

The following are the steps to send and receive files. Follow the link to access the Electronic File Transfer Service welcome page.

Step 1

On the "Welcome to Statistics Canada’s Electronic File Transfer Service" page, click on either the “English” or “French” button.

Screenshot of the Welcome page of the Electronic File Transfer Service.

Step 2

Enter your username and password into the appropriate fields.  Click the “Logon” button.

A username and a password are required to access the Electronic File Transfer (EFT) website. After your first login, the password will expire and you will be required to select a new password. Do not reveal your username and password to anyone – you will be held responsible for all activities related to your account.

In the event you forget your new password, or after 5 unsuccessful login attempts your account is frozen, you will need to request from the RTRA agent to have your account reset. Please allow a 48 hour window for your account to be reset. The RTRA agent will confirm that your account has been reset via email notification.

Screenshot of the logon page for the Electronic File Transfer Service.

Step 3

Select a safe from the list of “Safe names”.

Screenshot  of the selection of a safe from the safe list.

Step 4

Select from two options from the right hand menu to either send "Files To Statcan" or to receive "Files From Statcan".

Screenshot of the selection of whether to send files to or recive files from Statcan.

Step 5

If you select to send the file "To Statcan", the "Upload" option will display. By clicking "Upload file" you will be prompted to "Browse" your computer to select the SAS program you want Statcan to run for you.

Note: Your SAS file name must not exceed 70 characters in length.

Screenshot  of the page Safe MAD_RTRA_prd_14789_81452 - To Statcan page with upload option.

Step 6

Use the "Browse" button to find the SAS file you want to upload.

Screenshot of the page to upload a SAS file to StatCan with browse button and upload button.

Step 7

Once you have selected your SAS program, click the "Upload" button.  Once your SAS program has disappeared from the list, it has successfully been uploaded to Statcan.

Screenshot of the page to upload a SAS file StatCan with a file selected.

Step 8

You can continue to include other programs by using the "Upload file" link or you may end this session and click the "Logout" button.

Screenshot of the detailed description of the uploaded file and option to upload another or logout.

Step 9

E–mail notification

You will receive an email from Statistics Canada with the subject line "EFT – TEF Notification" which includes instructions on how to download your file.

Step 10

To download your output file, you must first login. If you have not already done so, please repeat Steps 1 to 3 before continuing to Step 11.

Step 11

Select your files by clicking the "From Statcan" hyperlink to view your output files. The number in front of your file name is a unique identifier for StatCan's use.

Note: You have 7 days to retrieve your files from when you receive the email notification before they are deleted.

Screenshot of the Safe MAD_RTRA_prd_14789_81452 - FromStatcan page showing the downloadable files.