The Chief Statistician's data visualization project on 2016 Census income data

On September 13, 2017, the Chief Statistician invited Canadians to create data visualization tools with income data from the 2016 Census.

Products were submitted through Statistics Canada's Twitter and Facebook social media accounts.

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Title Account Links to data visualization tools
Census Mapper: Income @vb_jens
Digestible Data : Income @digestible_data
Statistics Canada 2016 (Income) Census Visualization: Seniors low income @kkbellofficial
Statistics Canada 2016 (Income) Census Visualization @Tkrein94
Media Incomes from 2005 – 2016 by Sex @pcclrk
Share of Couples with Females as Higher Earner @bcshaffer
Median After-Tax Income - Canada @bcshaffer


Statistics Canada does not validate statistical information submitted by contest participants. The data products displayed above reflect the authors' analysis and conclusions.

No endorsement of any social media products or services is expressed or implied. Facebook and Twitter are third-party service providers and are therefore not bound by the Government of Canada policies.

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